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Iron Chariots Wiki

The Iron Chariots Wiki, a wonderful site for research on atheism and Christian apologetics.

Forum of the famous author of “The God Delusion.”

Free Inquiry Group Inc.

The Free Inquiry Group, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1991 dedicated to skepticism and seeking the truth. Any open-minded person is welcome.

The Secular Web: Internet Infidels

A fantastic source of discussion and formal debate. Probably the best on-line archive of atheist/free-thought material in the Internet

American Atheists

One of the largest atheist groups in America.

Fundamentalists Anonymous

A web site dedicated to recovering fundamentalists, with resources and support.

A site created by former Christians with a lot of material to combat Christian apologetics.

Freedom From Religion Foundation

A group fighting to protect Church/State separation.

News Sources

BBC World News

This news source will publish a lot of stories you will not hear from the American Corporate media.

The Christian Science Monitor

This source delivers surprisingly unbiased reporting in spite of the religious name.

Mother Jones News

Actual news with real liberal bias, the way news should be.

Progressive Sites

The Young Turks

Progressive programming directly from the web. On-line video as well as podcasts.

Best of the Left Podcast

Another really good podcast that lets you hear what progressives are saying from all over the place.

The Nation Magazine

Good reporting similar to Time or Newsweek without the Right-Wing bias.

The American Civil Liberties Union

Champions of the Constitution fighting for everyone’s rights, whether they agree with them or not. These people deserve all the praise we can give them.

Planned Parenthood

Good people working to protect women’s health and their reproductive freedom.

Other Sites of Interest

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

A site dedicated to protecting Internet neutrality and freedom of speech on the web.

The Freethought Zone

A web site for fre-thinkers of all types.

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

This web site was created to expose the silliness of religion by creating a satirical religious parody with just as much validity as Christianity, Judaism or Islam.

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